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Hello there!

My name is Martin Martinov and I live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I design, host and maintain websites.

I’ve been living here for 3 and a half years and I mostly spend time in the creative district called Kapana, working from there.

Once I was looking for restaurants on Google Maps and I noticed that some of them do not have a dedicated website where I could see the menu, photos, etc.

This is when I got the idea to create My Host Martin.
I wanted to help potential customers get easier access to information on what they are looking for, and help restaurants have a dedicated space for their business online.

What I do

I specialize in web design as having a website which is eye-catching, functional and well-maintained, in my opinion, is crucial for growing, developing and exposing your business or company to more potential clients.

Facebook and Instagram also do a fine job advertising your business on social media, but not everyone uses them, and everyone has access to a website as long as you have one.

Where I’ve Worked

Jan 2021 - Present
Web Designer at Harder Traxxx
Feb 2021 - Present
Web Designer at Husband

Software I work with


“It was a pleasure working with Martin. The work he delivers is of high standards, he's flexible and open to any requests we had for the website.

The communication with Martin is easy and joyful and the finished website looks stunning and has a very high speed score. Looking forward to using him for our next project. Can only highly recommend.”

Patrik TraversHARDER traXXX

“Martin is a genius! His can-do attitude and technical savviness make him an absolute dream to work with. He created a website for me that not only shines, it totally suits my business whilst at the same time reflects my personality. He even designed a fabulous logo for me. He was patient and thorough. I can’t recommend Martin highly enough.”

Jayne RalphRed Lipstick Jayne